These are the site rules by completing your registration you affirm that you have read these rules and agree to abide by them.

 Failure to do so will result in consequences.

If you have any questions about any of these rules do not hesitate to contact us at:

1.   Admins, Mods and Room Owners

      The rules listed below in the Basic Site Rules (B.S.R) Pertain to everyone. But more so with admins, mods,

      and owners. IF anyone under this is caught breaking any of these rules it can lead to Removal of position,   

      removal of room and possible banning.


2.   Language, Verbal Abuse, Harassment, Stalking and Lurkers

2A. Language and Verbal Abuse.

      Sometimes in the heat of an RP strong language and violence can happen in character but please keep this

      in character.  Any OOC abuse on Whispering Realms will not be tolerated and the user will be banned without 

      a warning, we have and enforce a zero tolerance policy on this, so be aware there is NO wiggle room on this. If

      there is an OOC issue between players please take it off site. If rude or vulgar language is used to describe how

      you wish to harm someone or what you wish would happen to them you will be banned from Whispering

      Realms immediately. 


2B. Harassment and Stalking.

      We as well have a zero tolerance for harassment, and stalking. If a player comes on the site with the intent to

      harass someone and proof has been given to us, You will be banned from the site. If a player feels that another

      player has followed them from site to site to harass them, they have the right to ask the room owner they are

      playing to banned the offending player (Room owners have the right to ban anyone for any reason they do not

      need proof of the harassment), if that player goes to another room and pms the player to harass or talk, this

      will lead to a site banned. To add if we find that someone has been harassing someone from room to room we

      as the site have the authority to find that proof then decide what to do next.

      We have let our administrators know that if this happens, to ban temporarily the person(s) involved and then we

      will figure out where to go from there.  Our administrators are under this rule as well!


2C. Lurkers (unwanted lurkers)

      Lurking in a room(s) to see what is going on to see if you are interested in the playage is one thing. Or just

      checking out the site is ok. But coming on to the site, lurking and then when the room owner and or admin

      says hello to you or asks you something you then vanish. This is not going to be tolerated. And the decision to

      ban is up to the room owner and or admin of the site.


3.   Spamming, Flaming, Recruiting, and Visiting Site Owners (Owners from other sites)

3A. Spamming, Flaming, and Recruiting

      IS not allowed at Whispering Realms, we also do not condone, nor encourage recruiting at other sites to

      Whispering Realms.  Please understand that talking to your friends, family members, and acquaintances on

      YOUR Live Journal, Zanga, MySpace, Instant Messenger System, or E-Mail about Whispering Realms is not

      considered recruiting, these are systems that are not affiliated with Whispering Realms Chat and are registered to

      the individual user, these are your personal communication methods and are outside of our control.  However, if

      you enter a room solely to get someone's offsite information, with intent to recruit this is recruiting, especially if

      there was no previous contact between yourself and the person in question is considered recruiting. OR asking

      someone from one room to go to your room, is not only rude but will not be tolerated. Flaming of any site will not

      be tolerated on site at all, we are not interested in inter-site drama so please keep your opinions of other sites to

      your personal communication methods such as the ones listed above.  Whispering Realms does allow site wide

      messages for certain occasions, new room openings, new story lines being launched, and other important

      updates that users should be aware of.  Please feel free to politely ask others on site to join you in your RP, but

      do not pressure them, Whispering Realms wants to provide a fun and light environment to role play in, such

      pressure does not create that environment.   We have a zero tolerance policy on this, failure to comply with this

      rule will result in a temporary or permanent site ban.


3B. Visiting Site Owners. (Owners from other sites)

      Please if you are another owner from a site, you are more than welcome to come and play on Whispering Reams

      Chat, but please do not come to Whispering Realms Chat and talk about your site on our site or the role plays

      that have happen on our site. Again there are plenty of instant messengers that can be used for that. As well, do

      not tell us "Well on my site we do not do it that way!"  We run our site differently than others, is not your job to

      come here and tell us how to do things.


4.   Sexual content, Images, Tagline Content, Handles

4A. Room content

      Rape, graphic sexual rp's are not allowed at all if any user is caught doing such an rp, in a PUBLIC room, the user

      will be warned once and only once  then severe consequences will be enacted.  These consequences include but

      are not limited to, temporary site ban, permanent site ban, or removal of your owned realm.  It takes a lot for

      Whispering Realms to remove a realm  but this is one instance where we would consider removing the realm.

      we do not wish to seem prudish, however we also understand that a lot of users access the

      site at work, or at home in the presence of children so please keep your RPs tasteful.  We do this because we

      have no real way of monitoring age and it would be unfortunate for a user to be fired or get in trouble because their

      boss or mother saw what was going on. so please keep this in mind while playing. If you feel the need, and are an

      are of the age of 18 we have Private Rooms to do more personal role plays in, we do not monitor these rooms. 

      And this is not an excuse to make a room and have a hurge orgy in either. We can not be in control of what

      happens in these rooms so if a Minor goes in and is rping something they shoujld not be, we do not have the

      power to control it, and in the court of law we will not be responsible. Though we have rooms rated 18+ understand

      that this is due to language and violent content, NOT sexual content.

      (IF anyone has any questions on this, room owners or players please contact the site owner BEFORE you go on

      with your rp.)


4B. Images.

      While we understand that images help give the other player ideas about the character, their personality, and of

      course their looks we also understand that as said above some users access the site from work so please no

      frontal nudity, or full butt shots, side shots are acceptable but make sure the important bits are covered.  Men can

      have bear chest, but not women, basically if you would wear it to the beach with your grandmother and her bridge

      club it is probably acceptable in a picture.  If you are struggling to find a picture that is suiting for your character, or

      you have a character picture but need it covered please email us at and

      we will be glad to help you.


4C. Tagline Content.

      Keep your tag line clean, we have had to ban people due to the obscenity in their tagline. We do not mind some

      cussing in them, Just keep it to a low roar. IF you have anything about rape, killing babies, or anything else that

      would be considered as obscenity. Keep it clean use your best judgment again if you are not sure ask the site

      owner or one of the Admins.



4C. Handles

      Keep your handle clean. When looking at the who's on we want to keep it Rated G. IF we see a handle that we feel 

      offencive we will discuss it with admins and if and at that time we are all in agreeance, we will ask the user to change

      their handle. Once you are in a room if the room owner is ok with the handle that is fine, But as site wide who's on,    

      please keep it clean  use your best judgment again if you are not sure ask the site owner or one of the site Admins.



5.   Site / Room Banning.

      Once you have been banned, from either a room or the site, you cannot make another handle so you can log in

      again. If you have been ban from a room and create another handle to come back in the room you will be site ban.

      IF you circumvent that site ban we will contact your ISP and file a harassment compliant. If we have IP ban you

      and you continue to come in we will take further steps even if it means getting law enforcement involved. There are

      strict anti stalking laws that pertain to the internet now days and there is a 0 tolerance with the US and with

      Whispering Realms Chat.  (Read Rules on 2B)


5A. Room Banning.

      If a room owner has decided that someone has pushed the limits of the room rules or themselves they can ban

      you, they can ban you if they have no good reason at all it is their right as a room owner, if you are not wanted in

      a room we always suggest do not go into it but we know some people just like to push it with the room owner.  IF

      you have been ban from a room, DO NOT make another handle to try and get in that room OR do not go to

      another room and do the  global pm and pm them from another room. IF you do this, you can be site ban for trying

      to circumvent a banning and harassment of a player on the site. Room owners use the steps below to Ban

      someone. As well, if there is an admin on please let them know, so we are aware there is an issue and we can

       stop it from going any further. We do get an email but are not always checking that.


To do this you must have rights to enter the mod area for the room follow the instructions below to ban a player:

      Go to Realms

      Choose your realm

      There will be a Ban/Access button.

      Put the login Name and how long you wish for this person to be ban for.

      MAKE SURE YOU put a reason for banning, When you ban someone the

      Admins get an email, if the person who is being ban comes to us and asks us

      why, we are lost. 

       If you have any questions with this process please let us know. If you have been ban and feel you did not

       deserve it please contact a site admin if we need to have a meeting between owners and chatters we will. It is

       not our job to tell a room owner how to run their room, with that being said, if you walked in and they ban

       you and did not give a reason we will try to moderate and get down to the bottom of the issue. At the end of

       the day the room owner has the last word, if they do not wish you in their room then it is over and done with.

       If you try to go around that ban then Site Admins get involved and then we have the last word. We want

       people to be happy, feel,and be safe on our site.


6.   Canon Handles/ Rooms That Use Canon Handles.

6A. Canon handles must be cleared with the room owner. We understand that there is appeal in playing some of your

      favorite characters but someone else may already be playing that character, please show some courtesy and

      make sure it is alright BEFORE creating the handle. Do not just go into a room and start taking up handles that

      you may never end up using. Room owners can not take every canon handle out there! To request a canon handle

      you simply need to email the host/hostess of the room you would like to play it in and ask. If you break this rule

      you will be given a warning and a chance to remove the handle. You will get 3 chances, and 1 week total to remove

      the handle, failure to do so will result in the administration removing the handle for you and could result in a

      temporary site ban.  If you have any questions regarding this rule, please email us at  before creating the handles in question. 


6B. Rooms That Use Cannon Handles

      As most sites go there are some times more than one of the same room genre, If your room has canon handles

      that other rooms might use in their rp please add it to the canon handle area in the admin area of the room.  If you

      do not know how to do that follow these steps.

To do this you must have rights to enter the mod area for the room follow the instructions below to add canon  handle:

      Go to Realms

      Choose your realm

      At the very bottom of the choices you have, (ie, realm setting, design, etc)

      should be the last one, you will see

      canon handles.

      Add the Canon Handle, and then the users log on name that will be using it.

      Room owners, a suggestion, please if you have canon handles already taken in the canon handle area, assign

      them to your own handle and as handles are taken just put the new owner of that handles log on name in as

      the owner. And make sure on the splash page you have that there are canon handles to the room and they

      must request via email, messenger, or what ever they need to do to apply for that specific handle.


7.   Room Requests, Process, Splash Page Content and Copywriters

7A. Room Requests

      If you have a room idea we would love to hear it please feel free to email us at this email address   

      Just make sure that if you have a room on another site that  Site A does not mind you having rooms on two

      different sites, that is  fine, we do not have that rule, If you want to have a room on every site out there as long as

      your room does not sit  empty for long periods of time we do not care where you rp at just if you own a room we

      expect you to be there, again we know how things can be if you are going to be gone for a while please let us

      know. IF we see you are rping on every other site out there and you have 0 posts in your room for 2 months we will

      bump it down to hybrid. We will rarely just delete a room from the site for it being empty, NOW if we have not

      heard from you in a year, the room will come down. As well just because you have a room on another site does

      not make it an automatic NO for you to have one on our site, we will respond to your email and ask some

      questions then we will decide if we put your room up on Whispering Realms Chat.

      So follow below and email them to

      Emails need to be in the following format:

      Subject: Room Request for (Realm Name)

      Your Name: (Login Id)


      Do you own a room on another site?

      If yes, what site? And will you be moving that room to our site? Give a brief reason you wish to move your room

      from site A to Whispering Realms Chat.

      Realm Genre: 

      Realm Mods (we need their Login names to give them proper access):

      Will you need images made for the room?

      Realm Description:


7B. Room Creation Process.

      Once we have received your room request and have agreed to put it up, it will be put in hybrid status until the room

      owner has everything set up and working correctly. Once this is done the room will be moved public  status.


7C. Splash Page Content. * indicates is a must

      Story line


      * Site BSR Link

      *Canon handles (if there are any)

      *Contact information.


7D.  Copywriting

       Theme rooms, if a room is from a movie like Lord of the Rings or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and you use any

       images from those films or shows you must have copy write credits some where either on your splash screen of

       on the footer of your page. It is the law if you use their concept and art work they have to have this. If you are

       using an artists images please email them and if you can not at least put their link on your splash, it is not

       necessary but always nice to show you do care about the artists. (If the room is a theme room and the author /  

       artist requests that we remove the room we have to comply due to copyright laws.  We do not do this to be mean

       but we too have laws and rules we must comply with.)


8.    Room Removals or Name Changes.

8A.  Room Removal.

       Breaking the site AUP and BSR repeatedly or bad enough will cause you to be banned and therefore your room to

       be removed. We are not the Gestapo but we can not have you all walking over us.

       If you request us to remove the room (All requests should be done by email) we will of course remove it right

       away.  It is your room and you have the right to move it if you wish we might ask why and see what is going on for

       you to want to remove it.


       One main thing, if you open a room it is yours we will not take it down, unless absolutely necessary, if you decide

       to take it down we are not going to shun you from the site. If you are too busy to run one, we will suggest putting

       it in hybrid till you get the time to play. WE made Whispering Realms chat for people to have a place they can

       own a room and not have to worry about being there every day.  If we have seen you have not been in your room

       for 2 months we will first email you, if you ignore the email, or just have personal stuff going on and we have not

       heard from you in 1 weeks time we will drop the room to hybrid. We are not going to ban you or be mean and 

       We would love to have you at Whispering Realms but we are not going to beg you to stay either, we think that the

       atmosphere on site and the friendliness will make you want to stay.


8B.  Name Change.

       If you wish to change your room name please let us know, again it will be put in hybrid till the owner gets all the

       information and images up, then it will be put to public status. You will be granted 2 room name changes, IF we

       are doing the graphics each time for that we might ask if you could donate something to the site, but are not

       going to push it


9.   Site Donations.

      Site donations are nice but not necessary, IF you donate to a site does not mean you get your room moved to

      hybrid  for being empty for 2 months. All Money donated will go to keeping the server going. You can donate by

      clicking on the donate button on the portal page.


10. Room Programming.

      We have onsite room programmers and they will make you anything from your splash page to your com panel,

      buttons and all. Please if you need them ask that is what they are there for. We as well will do images for your

      room. If  we do the images they are the property of the person who did them, this means if you decide to leave

      Whispering Realms you cannot use the images unless you have discussed it with the person who did them. Not

      all sites use the same code so if you try to copy and paste the code it might not work on that site or on ours from

      a different site.

Whispering Realms Management

If you have any further questions about the site before joining please send your questions/concerns to please allow 24 hours for us to respond.

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