Her jobs are:

Creation and deletion of rooms. any log on issues, any harassment issues, enforcing the AUP and BSR. Or basically any issues that may arise. At the end of the day she has the power *puts hands on hips and does super hero pose* Please contact her first and for most if anything you need.


 All Messenger id's: Lessienwrc

Co Owner's

Their jobs are:

Letting the owner know when things break. Helping out with rooms and site issues, and helps with site bill


Second  in Command

Her job is:

Upholding the sites BSR and AUP (they know it almost as good as the owner does, for they helped write it) Banning if necessary. To be able to review the evidence, and listen to both sides before taking action. IF the site owner is not here these are the people you will turn to IN order. Helping in reviewing issues on the site. And Taking over the world! Please contact her if you cannot contact Lessien.


Yahoo ID: george.kitteh

Site Mod

Disciplinarian's Their job's are:

To have a working knowledge of site policy (AUP AND BSR), and be able to enforce the policies, referring to the site owner when necessary. They will contact site owner/second in command in case a banning is necessary

GemKat and Tsuki Usagi

Yahoo ID: gemwrc

Site Programer (server side)

Jobs are:

When something breaks, he is there to fix it as quickly as he can. Helps owner with site wide development.

Room Programmers

Their Job is:

Creating room, finding graphics, (if the owner does not have any) programming the room in the way the owner wishes it to be.


 All Messenger id's: Lessienwrc


His job is:

Add gummies to the site and rooms and if there is a specific font you would like to use we can add it as well.


Hawke  (this position will always be his, if not for him we would never have had gummies, may he find the peace in death that he could not find in life)

Site Messenger

Her job is:

Announce important news, new rooms, change of rules, and just to say hello and welcome people to the site.

WRC Messenger Fairy Remember do not kill the messenger.